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International customers receive donated masks
Anti epidemic duty of gold products roll staff
JINPIN donates masks to international customers
Foreign customers come to the company for investigation and cooperation
Advanced cultural exchange of enterprises
Chairman invited to attend the 40th anniversary celebration of Sichuan Yuanhang group
Tube Russia 3G08
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For 25th-28th,we will attend the exhibition Tube Russia Aluminium/Non-Ferrous 2013 in Moscow/Russia ZAO Expocentr Exhibition Certre with booth 3G08
Rolls has got its medal from our goverment
Rolls of Jinan JinPin Roller Mould Co.,ltd has got its medal from our national goverment as its super-quality. This is the second one for meda we have got since the ferrite rods . Though with this goo
The birthday for Jinan JinPin Roller Mould Co.,ltd
With this metting,we have made a conclusion for the last twenty years also have made the project for how we develop for the next 10 years. Jinan JinPin Roller Mould Co.,ltd,with its own advanced techn
950*410(mm) Magnetic roller for galvanizing line
Today,our company has manufacturered the magnetic roller as big as 950*410(mm) which is alomost the biggest in china
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